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Unethical Behavior and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
At a lunch held for customers on company property, a drawing was being promoted for a high dollar product and several lesser value products as door prizes. An employee (female) encouraged all attendees to complete entry forms for a chance to win the big prize which she appeared to drop into a bucket for the drawing. Instead, she only dropped the entries of customers she knew spent large sums of money with our company into the bucket; entries for the others, employees of some customers and customers who spent less than the customers described above, were stuck behind a stick holding a sign in the bucket - thus preventing them from being included in the drawing for the big prize. The employee then informed the senior manager of her deception, informing him that the customers she "knew" were in the bottom of the bucket and the ones she didn't "know" (or favor) were behind the stick - he contemplated the bucket and drew the big prize winner from the favored customers in the bottom of the bucket. The female employee then pushed the rest of the tickets into the bottom of the bucket for the rest of the door prizes.
I feel that this was an unethical manner of running a drawing alleged to be for all entrants. What should I do? We are a retailer and the senior manager's involvement in the hornswaggle means I will have to report this deception to corporate. There is an independent company who handles reports like this for our company anonymously.  
Employee: anonymously
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