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This is the original problem from an employee...
As of August 2010 my department got a new manager. Ever since I have been receiving the short end of the stick when it comes to scheduling & receiving hours worked (14hrs per week). I am a part-time employee (because they don't hire full time anymore, it has to be earned) therefore i realize, technically no hours have to be given to me (but i am an adult & what real adult can live off of those hours). So I didn't say anything because i didn't want to ruffle any feathers. Around November of 2010 i received another hour cut and was being schedule around 1 to 2 days a week. (4-9 hrs a week. hence this is my ONLY place of employment. I spoke to my supervisor and he stated "I am not performing at company standards; which i wasn't so I couldn't argue that. But other associates who I was performing better than were still receiving much more hours than I was. After that conversation, I decided to focus on my goals and exceed them because I knew I could I did it in the previous year. Fast Forward a few months to March 2011. I am still getting the "scrap hours" therefore i come in one of my 4 days off to talk to my manager about my scheduling. (at this point i have got back on track & met my sales goals for 2 months in a row & am currently exceeding for March 2011. I ask him is there a reason I am still not getting any hours. He says because I'm not performing. I state to him I am exceeding my metrics and have been the prior 2 months(obviously hes not checking my metrics). Then he says that there aren't any hours available. Then I note that the people who are not meeting goals and are doing terrible are getting hours. Afterwards He claimed he had to talk to the head of the store about it & would contact me. I went home waited 3 days. No call. After this fiasco I just came to the conclusion that for some odd reason he just does not like me. I have NO clue or idea why he just Does NOT. Fast forward to now July 9, 2011 I am still not receiving hours (hours for pt employees are supposed to be based on performance) Now As of today year to date, I have exceeded my sales goals 5 out of the six months (the one not being May) & am exceeding so far for the month of July. (I am actually doing better than all 9 pt employees and am 2nd to all 15 employees; but I still can't get hours. In June, 3 new associate were hired (i don't understand how, when no hours are available, but some how they get them. 2 are friends with a new supervisor and 1 used to work with the store general manager at a previous job) also the company released a new scheduling program which is supposed to automatically schedule associates based on availability & sales performance. The schedule is supposed to auto generate on Tues of the week. When I check my schedule on Tuesdays i have had between 24-29 hrs, (the max a pt employee can work is 29hrs per week) when i check again on Thurs or Friday the manager has gone in & taken my hours away then i have approx 15hrs. My manager was on vacation the last week of June until July 4th weekend & everything was smooth. The schedule generated, he was not there to change my schedule i worked 25- 29 both weeks. Which I was ok with. Now this week 7/5/11 the auto generate schedule gave me 24hrs. When I checked my schedule on Friday 7/9/11 i now have 14hrs. (this not only happened to me, but to a couple other co-workers too). While he gave the new associates 31, 36, & 37 hrs. (29 is the max they can receive) At this point its clear that he is shaving my and other part time employees hours and giving them to the new people who are friends 2 with another supervisor and 1 with the store general manager. At this point I am tired of being picked on & over by this bully of a manager and I want to know what I can do about this situation? I am exceeding my goals and nothing happens. No more hours or nothing. I can't go to my HR manager cause she is friends with my manager they laugh and joke in the office and go on break together. Nor the head of the store the General Manager because he follows my manager like he is his boss and they are best friends too. All the managers are knit tight and the only people you can talk to is other regular associates, which wont get us anywhere. I just want what is right done for me & also my other co workers that are going through the same things. This is emotionally and morally draining. Through it all I keep trying to stay focused (I am exceeding my goals on a monthly basis) and try to stay positive & loyal to a company I have been working for, for 8 years. And not have to leave for a manager who's been there and made this the worst 11 months of working in my life. If anything can be done or anywhere I can send this complaint I'd appreciate it. Thanks.  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I would suggest you find the company's main HR office and make a call. My other suggestion is even if the HR person is friends with these managers he/she is there to do a job. I would speak to him/her personally or anonymously to let him/her know this is going on. This way if you have to take it out of that store and to a higher authority then they can't say you didn't speak to them. The only thing they can do is dislike you but by your own admission they already do so what's the difference. Speak up and be heard! Good luck.
Contributor: visitor
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