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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work for a company, its big, nationwide, that has direct deposit for our regular work. It is always on time, no issues. There is a website, where employees from around the country can earn around 20/hr to do some extra work. even though we are employed with the company, that section of work is paid monthly by paper check in the mail. The website with the instructions says 4-5 weeks after the last day of the month we will be mailed the check. Its been 7 weeks a 4 days since August 30th, no check for me. Around the 6 week mark, I emailed the correct address, no response for a week, so I emailed the person I thought that might know, he sent an email back apologizing that no one responded to earlier email ( I told him it was my second email) and that checks were expected 30-45 days after the end of the month, which is not 4-5 weeks like the website said but 4-6.5 weeks. He sent this email 47 days after August, so i thought it was odd he didn't comment that they were mailed. Anyway now its been 54 days, approaching 8 weeks. The Aug check is the smallest, but the sept check is close to 200.00, and if the website it right, I should get it next week, but august isn't even out. Anyway, I don't want to seem annoying, but what should I do? If I use a proxy and send an email from a fake account, will they know its me, maybe others have complained. I asked another co worker if he got his but he said no, and august and sept for him was so small so he doesn't care to complain. Is this legal. If the website says 4-5 weeks then shouldn't they do it? How can I complain w/o them decreasing my hours - they can decrease them by just not assigning me, its happened before to others.  
Employee: anonymous
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