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Unethical Behavior and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work for a company that recently was purchased. the new owner's favorite excuse "we are a young company". The majority of the management is over 30 years old. stealing, bullying, embellishing information to make yourself look good, lying about one person to make another person look good are all things we learned are bad choices as very young children.

my experience as bookkeeper makes this manipulation of numbers and stealing of inventory, company supplies, and cash very evident. my previous role in productivity analysis reporting taught me where productivity issues were and how to "tie out" hours worked on the time clock to hours billed and one person's short hours are always offset by anothers overage in hours and in most cases an entry error easily corrected.

when I make the mistake of addressing these issues,I am told it is my job to clean up the mess, my job is threatened, my spouse is set up at the expense of customer service and the person stealing is rewarded with another promotion and year end bonus for over stated sales and items taken for his side business. the company will promote his local business and demanded financials, customer and vendor lists from my husbands side business in another county as they considered HIS business a threat to there income. If the company was truly interested in why they are losing customers, they would send out survey cards which they refuse as the manager in question stated he wanted "them not to go out as they would all state he was a >>>>>> to deal with." so they lose customers and miss the opportunity to improve a potentially expanding business. AND upper management protects his decision and unethical activities.

with the new year approaching and still no jobs in the local market, I must choose to stay in a job that promotes this behavior. do I keep my mouth shut at the expense of becoming part of the problem? or do I continue the fight and stress out with threats fo job termination, yelling and swearing, and loss in benefits. in this particular state, there is NO bullying law on the books and since the "young" management still finds body parts and explicit descriptions amusing I choose to ignore the remaining discussions. I know any complaint will be ignored and treated similar to the other issues, ignored and with threats. I am not as young as the management team and experience is not helping my situation. the consistent remarks of being difficult to work with and the threats have taken the fun out of any activity. I wonder if I choose to ignore the stealing if the remarks regarding my "difficult" attitude would stop. what do I do?  
Employee: difficulttoworkwith
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