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Unethical Behavior and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work in a small human services non-profit. I have one co-worker who consistently falsifies time cards, reporting working 40 hours per week when between 30-34 hours are worked.

I was asked to format information for a company brochure, it was 100% verbatim plagiarized. When I confronted the person, there were numerous excuses: they didn't know they had to cite the source; since it was on the web it was fine to use without citation; they forgot to include the citation; they didn't want to re-invent the wheel.

This person consistently fails to return phone calls and states they never got a message.

At least once a week, they change their schedule and I am notified when they leave the day before (email: I won't be in until 1:00 tomorrow). Since I answer the phone, I will tell callers the person's schedule. Clients get angry when they call back, after I have told them the person will be in, and the person is not in the office. He will tell clients to come in to the office for an appointment or to pick up something and then be out of the office and fail to leave the stuff to be picked up.

Everyone in the office altered their work schedule to accommodate this person's grad school schedule; he left school after two weeks due to 'out of state tuition costs'. However, the school is a private college which does not charge out of state tuition.

I have documented these concerns and given them to the director; their position is that time sheets are only estimates, the plagiarism was a 'mistake' as they didn't know any better, the lie about the reason for leaving grad school was because they were embarrassed.

I have begun providing all messages via email to create a record; documenting when clients are given incorrect information and outright lies. Do I have any choice but to look for other employment?  
Employee: anonymous
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