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Falsifying Documents and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My employment was terminated 11/08. I was with this particular health care company for 2 years. The reason for my termination was excessive tardiness. I was scheduled to work from 8:30- 5. For the past 2 years I've arrived at work between 8:29- matter my many attempts to improve. it just could not be achieved on the dot. There was a 5 minute grace period but we were still required to call even we would be 5 minutes late. No problem. In October I received my 1st written warning that I needed to make improvements at being tardy.It was explained to me that the next step is a final warning and if not improved after that occurrence that the next step would be that I would be either transfered or termination of employment. No problem.

The day before the 1st write up...I received a wonderful evaluation where I met and exceeded all my responsibilities and rewarded a raise. Which is why the write-up the following day was a complete shock to me. In November I was fired because still had history of not arriving at 8:30 on the dot. No problem. I filed for unemployment and was denied because they stated that it was by fault of my own. I filed an appeal and once the appeal package arrived it included my time sheets and 2 documented write-ups. The one in October which was the 1st write up and the one in November which was the dismissal...the last step. On the copy that was submitted to the unemployment office showed an alteration after my signature. The first warning box had been whited-out and an empty hand-drawn box was added. The following line was marked final. I located my carbon copy and it indicates that it was my 1st corrections or alterations or forgeries....My signature there acknowledging the document as I last saw it. The discharge form I refused to sign. Please help me sort out what has just happened to me.  
Employee: anonymous
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