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My boss altered my time card without my approval
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This is the original problem from an employee...
While I was on vacation, the director of my department altered my time card (which I had already signed) without my approval. I got a verbal approval from my supervisor that I could work on Sunday, August 14th. I worked on that day for 1.5 hours. Before I went home, I signed my completed time card (which included that day's 1.5 hours) and placed it into my supervisor's in-box. On August 16th, I flew to Pennsylvania for vacation. On August 23rd I returned to California. On August 26th, my paycheck was directly deposited into my checking account. The pay period on this paycheck included August 14th. On September 2nd, I was verbally notified by my manager (who reports to my director), that my director removed from my time card the 1.5 hours that I worked on August 14th. I was told that the reason for this alteration was because I came into work on August 14th at a time that was not approved. An email was sent out to the department (prior to August 14th) outlining a specific time block that was approved for weekend work. The time that I clocked in and out for work on August 14th fell OUTSIDE of that approved time block. I neglected to read the email prior to August 14th it...which is why I worked during unapproved hours. Even though I am aware that I am probably not eligible to receive pay for the unapproved hours that I worked, I am pretty sure that my director performed an illegal act by altering my time card without my approval. Please help.  
Employee: EnigmaFairy
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