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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Falsifying Documents and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I was injured on the job on Sept. 25, 2007, I was told by the doctors in the ER room to stay off of my feet and leg for two days because I had a left knee sprain, left ankle sprain, and lower back sprain. I left the ER in a knee immobilizer, ankle brace, and on crutches.

On Sept 26th, 2007, HR Director told me that the ER doctors had screwed up and I was going to have to come into work today on Sept. 26th. on light duty, but she was waiting on the paperwork to be changed and faxed over, said she would call me as soon as the paperwork was faxed. She called me at noon on Sept 26th, and said that the corrected paperwork had arrived, and I must come into work for at least two hours to watch videos on light duty.I told HR Director that I had just taken a prescribed pain medicine, and I would not be able to function on this medicine, she said to get a few hours of sleep, and then come into work, but you must be here before three o'clock, to get your two hours of light duty in for the day, because I go home at five o'clock for the day. Before leaving work on Sept. 26th, 2007 I informed the HR Director that I had a follow up appointment on Sept. 27th, 2007, she said to just come to work when I got finished with my appointment. I called work to let them know that I was in process of coming to work, HR Director told me to report to the DON'S office, which is where I directly went to upon arriving for work, taking into considerdation that I am still under the influence of prescribed pain medicine. I was asked to set down, and that they DON, HR Director, Staff Development, said they did not understand how I injured myself, so they wanted me to explain to them what happened.

I was trying to explain to them what had happened, and they said they did not understand how this happened, I said that I was not able to explain correctly to them what happened to me getting injured, because I had taken prescribed pain medicine before I went to my follow-up appointment, and It still was having effects on my mental status so I took them into the Physical Therapy room to try and explain what had happened. We finished the summary of the injury and this was all done verbally, them started talking about what light duties that I could perform, and I was to start Sept. 28th as a full day on light duty, but my hours were to be changed to start work at 7:00 in the am, and to work until 1;30 pm.

I was not able to go to work on Sept 29th, and Sept 30th because I was in too much pain from working the full hours that I was normally worked and there was a terrible amount of swelling to left leg,ankle, and back. I called into work on Sat. Sept 29th, and Sunday Sept 30 due to all of the swelling, and terrible pain that I was experiencing. I was regularly scheduled off on Monday Oct. 1st. I had another follow up appointment on Tues Oct 2nd, and reported to work after my appointment. was still not released from light duty work. Came back to work on Oct 2nd, was able to perform my duties for the remainder of my shift.

Reported to work on Oct. 3rd, was performing my light duties, and around 11;30 am the DON said I was needed in her office. DON and HR Director proceeded to have a Corrective Action Notice prepared for me that stated I was being written up for failure to follow policies and procedures, not checking the residents Geri chair for proper positioning before transporting them. Failed to follow procedure when weighting residents on the w/C scales. I wrote a rebuttal on the Corrective Action Notice paperwork, I stated what had happened to me the day of my injury, on Sept. 25th.and I also stated that I had not been properly trained to weight residents on the W/C scales. I worked my light duty job on Oct 4th, 5th. I was off on regular scheduled days on Sept. 6th, 7th, 8th, I was back to work on light duty on Oct 9th worked my regular hours, returned back to work on Oct 10th at 7:00 am, and I was told that I was to report to HR Director's office. I arrived to the Hr Directors office, and ther in the office was Hr Director, and the DON they handed me a Corrective Action Notice that stated after a joint investigation that I was being terminated due to Falsifying information and/or Tampering with records, which is a group 3 offense from code of ethics of the employee handbook as evident by the contradictory statements that I provided on 9/28/2007 verbally under influence of prescribed pain medication, and 10/3/2007 regarding the locking status of a resident's geriatric chair prior to transporting. This is a group three offense, a first offense and is immediate termination of employment.

I have followed the proper chain of commands to have a fair treatment resolution, but I have not taken the next step, which is to inform the regional director about this issue.
Next step is national campus them to be followed up by CEO. them Mediation, then arbitration.

My question is Does anyone think that I should follow the rest of the proper chain of commands, or just to leave the issue alone??????What is your opinion?????

Employee: shelafranks
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