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Multi-leveled Embezzlement in franchise
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been working at domino's every summer for three years now. I was employed at a franchise owned domino's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While working there I heard many stories about many different managers and many different employees. I have read the corporate handbook on numerous occasions and have found that our franchise does not follow their guidelines. The amount of guidelines not followed numbers too high for me to count.

During corporate inspections the franchise's area regional managers make sure to disguise their companies misdoings by explaining the policies to their employees right before inspections. All the stores in the franchise communicate the first inspection to the franchisee owner who in return relays that information to all the other stores so they can prepare within three weeks time before they are inspected. When these inspections are not occurring the area regional managers permit the general managers to commit vast offenses against the corporate policies outlined in the corporate manual. I sided with the corporate policies and questioned my companies leaders on their practices. While questioning this a new manager was hired at my original store and would take anywhere from $40 to $60 a week.

I took pictures and recorded video of this manager leaving over $550 in cash on an almost daily basis in the stores office which had its door opened and unlocked while I was working there. Specifically I showed my manager that $20 dollars was laying in plain view out on the table and that that was the same amount of money short at the end of the night. My Area regional manager took the side of the stores assistant manager whom I had reported. The assistant manager then told me that the Area Manager thought I was stealing from the store and that I could be fired for the offense. I told other assistant managers at the store that if I was fired for this falsehood I would report the wrongful termination to the corporate inspectors.

I was not fired. It was three months later that I would start college in a town an hour away in another domino's owned by the franchise. I told my general manager the wrong doings that I felt at my store. I showed her proof that the assistant manager was stealing money from the store. Three months after working for a new manager in a new store I was terminated. She cited reasons such as I smelled like alcohol and that I didn't "fit in" with other employees there even though I was friends with over half of the employees I worked with and they where all shocked about my termination. She told me that I did not want the job enough. I would go out of my way from holding doors open to customers to doing menial tasks when there was no immediate work to be done. My goal was to ensure our customers happiness and make more money for the company. The more our customer base increased and more money I made for the company through using techniques such as upselling the better the business was and the more tips I obtained in exchange.

My general manager in the new store wanted my assistant manager from the old store to come up since our store had a very busy weekend. My general manager knew of what I had shown her and told me that he was a good worker the night I was fired. From my point of view and other employees around me there is a certain hierarchy of individuals who run the store. My questioning of the stores policies alerted some attention and I feel strongly I was terminated for doing so. What can I do to make sure this is investigated properly?  
Employee: anonymous
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