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Poor Communication and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am employed in a small workplace environment where I am paid solely on commission sales. My boss who "runs" the company has never agreed to a work schedule/plan for customers that come in to the business. So it is like a undignified free for all for business with him taking the best ones and calling all the shots. Of course this effects the work place atmosphere and my income. The only other employee in the workplace is related to the owner/boss and is vulnerable since she/he needs the job very badly and is not in the same position as myself in that he/she has a salary. The boss makes power plays in that he makes sure I am aware of the good things he does for this employee and expects me to pick up the slack when this person routinely takes time off (paid).

Any advice is welcome. Talking to him directly has never gone well as he becomes hostile, aggressive and nasty (scary).  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Talking to anyone directly usually results in hostility/anger. It is because we are usually unhappy with that person and come to them with our complaints about them. Of course the person will become defensive! What I find works is basing the conversation ENTIRELY on myself. That way there is no pressure or fingers pointed at the other person.
What you can do is come to your boss and tell him that you are very discouraged and not motivated and don't like coming to work. You don't know what to do in order to be better at what you do, you don't know how to feel good at what you do. And never once in the conversation say it's because of your boss. it will be hard, but it may work better than anything you've tried before. Your boss is human, he will respond to what you're saying and try to make it better for you. He might even recognize that he has something to do with this and change his behaviour. I'm sure he doesn't want his employees feeling like crap when they come to work. He might just be oblivious to how badly the staff is feeling in the environment he created. Opening his eyes to how you're feeling might make a change.
Good luck
Contributor: visitor
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