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This is the original problem from an employee...
My complaint is of several concerns. I have worked in a law firm for 3 years as a real estate paralegal. I have worked in this profession about 16 before having my son and taking approximately a 5 year break and went back to this professional and a small firm and of course systems and things change over that period. The first several months I was on my own as the girl I replaced left immediately and the other conveyancer was gone for approximately six months as her husband was ill and dying and the other fill in secretary went to Mexico for three months.

These two woman have been employed by the same employer for over 30 years. There are two partners (lawyers) who hired me and in the first three months I got a raise, then after 12 months another raise being a total of about $450.00 within the first year as they were happy with my committment and work ethics. It is very busy and the other two woman who have been there get very jealous of me and try to cause problems back and forth with the partners complaining about me, however, they also get in arguments with each other. One of the woman is good friends with the female partner and always has private meetings with her when things don;t go her way and she gets mad at the rest of staff (about 4 more girls younger) all the time and complains and yells at us when she shouldn't and then complains to woman partner and older partner (75 years old - founder of law firm) about us and they do not approach us but get his woman to send out memos to the rest of the staff about everything we do wrong. The other woman who has been there 35 years has her daughter also working there who was hired a year after me do do the same job and has multiple personal home life problems as well as medical problems.

I have learned new systems which make my job easier and the other woman refuse to learn these systems and get again jealous as I produce a lot of work and know a lot of people who come to our office because of me (professional and otherwise). The daughter gets info from her mother all the time and again they are always mad at me too. When I approached my bosses with my concerns, they said I was paranoid and one time all three were made at me because I worked a lot of overtime hours and then when they are sick I have to cover for them especially when one takes at least 6 weeks off a year and the other has medical problems it leaves me very stressed. I have threatened to quit but they assure me they will talk. The senior lawyer told me his 35 year employee was very valuable and cannot step on toes as she has been loyal to him and the other also. They act like they are the bosses and run the office then they get made at each other and try and get other people on their side. The daughter with the medical problems has now gotten cozy with the female partner and they are always going for smoke brakes which again takes away from work and when I try to speak to this partner she is always in a hurry to get away from me. I thought for a while it was all in my head and I have tried to put functions on at home to bring people together and more calmer environment and always trying to be nice by buying bcards, etc., saying good morning, but it doesn't matter. They will be nice and then stab you in the back.

I do not want any more to do with it so I have become quiter and quieter and now the other woman lawyer doesn't talk very much to me however I also know she as personal problems being a young lawyer. The office morale is so bad that you feel like you are on pins and needles all the time. It is great they have someone to speak with but I don't and when I do decide to talk to the higher up the senior lawyer who is very nice but just can't control them, they think I am going behind their backs and stirring up trouble. I have even gone to them for more effective ways to get our job done because technology is a big part of the job these days with getting things done faster and it is all work related and they think I am causing trouble.

I am 45 years old with a 7 year old son and it effects my home life as I am on pins and needles and cannot sleep sometimes because I am worried all the time about what the next day will have in store. I have spoke to my doctor and he agrees I am not a high strung person and I have loads of friends and family and have never been on medications for anxiety ext and he feels I should not be. He says I am very rounded and feels that the problem is at work but have to get a grip on how to deal with it. He will not prescribe meds for me and I do not want them. There another thing all of the woman i am speaking about are medications most being for depression and anxiety problems.

I like my job and am good at it as I am well know to the community and people come to our office because they have dealt with me in other firms before. I take my job seriously and take great pride in representing my employers. I cannot just quit as we live in a small community where jobs are scarce in my profession and I get paid very well and I do have a family to raise and feel I shouldn't have to quit because of jealousy and because of woman who ahve been there 30 plus years want everything their way. They expect respect because of their longevity of being there and how long they have been in the profession but show no respect for others nor will they ever and the bosses (two of them) let it happen.

Please advice how I can deal with this situation without having to quit.  
Employee: Linda Lou
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