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This is the original problem from an employee...
I seem to over a number of categories so I selected "other" here's my problem
I am a civil service worker. I have been in my position for many years. I supervise a staff of one full timer and three part timers. The one full timer is civil service and also in the union. My problem their has been an issue between my full timer and my part timer regarding a body odor. My full timer has repeatedly complained to me regarding this. I have spoken with the part timer only to discover it is in fact a medical condition which is causing the body odor.

The part timer has produced medical documentation to prove this. The full timer has filed a grievance and even though the administration has offered a transfer the full timer wants to stay and the part timer either transferred or discharged. We went to an arbitration a couple of months a I stated what steps I did and after a few questions left. After the arbitration I was informed that I would be in charge of a "monitoring " system setup between the lawyer for the full timer and the lawyer for the village. I every day would monitor and draw up a chart if the full timer complains of an odor issue. I did not want this position nor was I asked. So for the past 7 months every day my full timer waves a piece of paper in front of my face and I have to stop working and walk to the front and than record my findings. Before this the full timer complained every couple of weeks now it is every day like clockwork she comes into my office to complain. The full timer hands me these notes every day (I have now 250 of them) and I have to make a copy and acknowledge them and than go up front and monitor.

The full timer even informed me that she makes up notes in advance all the way till the next arbitration date in June. The full timer than has complained about everyone eating at our desk or wearing perfume or cleaning our desk as in her words it masks the ability to detect an odor. She was successful at getting the administration to tell us to not clean our desks or have candles or perfume or even open the windows. This has never been an issue before. I have repeatedly complained in writing and verbally of the impossible situations I have in my department. It is stressful and threatening as at one point my full timer's husband came up to our offices and said to me he was making sure that everything is ok. If anyone can help I would appreciate  
Employee: anonymous
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