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This is the original problem from an employee...
The management team at my company is out of control. They all forward the interest of who they like and for those they don't like, they make their life miserable. They treat no one equal and encourage cliques. The HR manager is the worst! She is also the customer service manager and her department is wild! Cussing, constant talking about their sex lives. If they don't like someone, they deliberately snub them as if they were still in high school, and they are obvious about it.

The general manager does nothing because he is just as bad. The HR manager just fired a girl that had been there less than 3 months because she didn't "mesh" with customer service and the girl that use to be in that position wanted it back. Of course she got it, then her position as an account manager become available, so the HR manager and the general manager put a guy in that position that has been with the company less than 3 months and was only a clerk...Did I mention this guy is the HR managers good friend???? Then the sister of the girl that got her job back because they fired the other girl, got moved to the clerks position that is now vacant. None of these positions were posted for other people to apply for that had been working for the company for years. Oh yeah, did I mention all these "position changes" took place within 1 hour of them firing the girl. Sounds like a setup to me. This is common place around my company, different set of rules for different people. Heaven help you if they don't like you.  
Employee: DMANUCY
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