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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am an LPN for 4 years. I am older (past 50) but young at heart and lively. I have experienced much feeding of the young by experienced nurses. The first 2 years after graduation I worked as a per diem nurse. My 1st place was at a LTC facility for 3 months and had surgery on my knee. They did not want me back after I was better. Too much "retraining".

Then simultaneously I worked at 2 LTC facilities per diem, both for 3 months then had a TKA returned to both places (bless them!) for an additional 5 months per diem and was not asked to work again since July of 2008. No reason given as all places these days are free to fire without giving reason as I am equally free to quit without giving reason. From there until Christmas of 2009, I applied at various places but screwed up at the interview. I was lucky to land a position for disabled people and during training I made a med error(was not life threatening) and my boss could not get over it so I stayed in training for 3 months and was finally let go. A "trust" issue because of the med error.
Then landed another LTC position and lasted 3 days! I asked too many questions and made my trainer uncomfortable (because my questions were to her unspoken mistakes and oversights) I should have just shut up and listened but I felt pain for the patients she worked on.

This last attempt was in Dec of 2009, I have not even considered looking for a nursing position since. Certainly I can not include the last 2 very short stints of nursing jobs on my resume. However, I miss it.

And, since I have mostly worked per diem, I really don't have any good references except 1 nurse whom I worked with much of the time, by chance. When you are 'per diem' you don't get to know too many people and are never invited or told about meetings and inservices.

Now, I am considering returning so how do I explain the 2 year gap in employment (my husband supported me and I honestly just goofed off!) and the lack of references?
I have a pseudo resume stating "I traveled the U.S.A. with my brother", and others with pathetic excuses. Basically, I have been "fired" (not asked to return or come aboard) from all 5 nursing positions!
I am still "new" although I am 4 years old.
How am I going to get and keep a job?
Anyone been in this situation?
Any "supervisors" out there with advice?
Employee: BarrellofMonkeys
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