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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am asking this question on behalf of someone. I am using false names.Luke is a senior technician.Whenever Luke goes on leave or medical leave john(technician) covers up Luke's duty plus does his own job as well.This has been going for 14 yrs.If Luke is retiring then John should be the one promoted in his place right?

But the Boss promotes Alvin(technician) and ask Alvin to learn Luke's work and take over. Alvin told the boss that by right John should be the person to take over Luke's work.But the boss told him John doesn't know the work.John agrees that he doesn't know the full scope of the job.John had asked Luke to teach him some of his work but Luke keep saying I will teach you another day but until today he did not teach John the important things. If the boss can ask Alvin to learn Luke's work he could have simply ask John to learn Luke's work and promote him.As a boss he did not do what is right.This clearly shows that the boss doesn't wants to promote John.Isn't the boss being unfair to John? Everyone knows that John is the one supposed to be promoted and do Luke's work.This is so unfair to john.John brought this matter to union but no proper reasons were given. What should John do next?

Advance Thanks for all your advice and replies.

Employee: anonymous
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