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This is the original problem from an employee...
Overtime... I can not deal with overtime (if I go through the 40 hrs week I am very satisfied with myself). I wish I could work more than 40 hrs and become a hero in some people's eyes; but I am not able to; I am tired and getting anxious only when I hear the word, because I have other things that I am responsible for and I am just this one person (and in special when you do not get any pay for the overtime or you can not bank the time and take off another time). I actually been there done that for few times, when I was younger.

I wanted to talk about this with my manager (since this was not specified in the hiring process; I would have declined the offer (and actually I had another attractive offer which I had to pass) knowing that on short notice your plans are to be changed because you need to work weekends) and because I was on probation I was dismissed. The reason given to me was that I am not able to do the job, but I will wonder every day if this was the actual reason. I have tried very hard,to keep this job, to the point that I got sick (I am supposed to start taking some pills with not so good side effects - xanax or something like this, this to control panic and anxiety). This is proof that life sometimes is not fair, you have to take the loss, while other people think they've done the right thing (hope they can sleep at night ..., or no I hope they do not) and you have to mourn the loss but then never give up. Hope for intelligent people, who respects you and your rights and communicate.

Any insights on this?

Take care  
Employee: anonymous
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