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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am in need of advice. I started working through a temp agency in August and have been placed at a local call centre for six months. After six months I am eligible for hire with this organisation. During this six month period I have noticed several areas of concern but the deal breaker for me occurred today 2/2/2012. Since I work at home we are called periodically to take our computers to the local office for re imaging. Per request I arrived at the office for 8 am with my tower and was greeted by one of the Sups. He gathered my tower and informed me it should be ready in 2-3 hours. I returned at 12 noon and knocked on IT's door and politely expressed who I was and asked if my tower was ready. I received a cold "NO" at that time so I again politely asked "Do you know when it will be ready" and again a cold "NO". The employee then states he just started the re imaging process. I informed him I was requested to bring the tower in at 8 am so it could be reimaged before my 2:30 shift. He rudely replied he just received the 5th tower and was not going to work on them one by one as they trickled in meaning he planned to do them all at once. I then reminded the gentleman that my shift starts at 2:30 pm and asked again for a pick up time. He then stated it will be ready before my shift began and to come pick up at 2 pm. I left and returned home with the inclination to call the work place to inform them I will be late due to this issue. I not only need to pick up the tower at 2 but I have to return home, set up and be logged on by 2:30. I called in and spoke with another Sup. I explained the issue and he requested I call back in 1 hour and he will personally check the status of the computer tower. I called back at 1:30 pm and another Sup answered. I explained the issue once again and she went to check status of tower. She came back and informed me the gentleman in IT is in a meeting and could not be disturbed. I then stated to her I will be late logging in on my scheduled time. I then contacted my temp agency due to the requirements of call outs or lateness. I informed my Sup within this agency of this issue and he informed me I would not receive an occurrence for this incident. Keep in mind in six months this is my first late occurrence. I went back to the office at 2 pm and tower was not ready. My immediate Sup advised me the tower may be ready in 20 minutes, 30 minutes or it could be an hour. He then states he will call me when it is ready. I left the building at 2:05 pm and as I was getting on to the interstate my phone rings at 2:11 pm and it was my Sup letting me know the tower is ready. Now again keep in mind I am now on the interstate with no possible turnaround until a reach a completely different city and state. I returned for the third time to the office and was met by the Sup of my Sup stating they will work with me to make this time up. I was speechless. First and foremost IT knew he could have my tower ready while I waited. Secondly why do I have to make this time up. I should be getting paid during this time not to mention the cost of fuel for the unnecessary trips. Please give me some advice because again this is just the latest incompetence I have witnessed in the six months of employment with this organisation.  
Employee: daniellr
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