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This is the original problem from an employee...
Landed my 'dream job' - a big project with excellent rate of pay.

For the job function I'm supposed to carry out I have been here over a week and still don't have the right access/permissions to get to the sharepoint/other locations I need to get to, I still haven't been told exactly how to do the job functions I've been taken on to do, I can't seem to get any progress on getting answers to anything as my manager is away from this site something like 97% of the time and also rarely responds to emails. When I do get to speak to him he's so in a rush to get off to the next meeting that he barely has time to talk. He knew from interview when he took me on that I had no experience of the particular software that Im currently using and so I had expected some direction and clear instructions to form part of what he discussed with me. But I've not had that.

On Friday I emailed him to say that I really wanted to start making progress with the functions of my role this week and could I have the access/permissions I needed, could someone please tell me what are the procedures/ processes/templates and so on that I need to have/follow in order to start doing my job role... So far all I've done is taken a tracker document and updated it to ensure it has all the items in it that are needed, and that it performs some analysis of progress to date - that's it. As to the job I'm meant to be doing I have had three meetings and there's a lot of 'when we do this' and 'once the functional testers have done that' and 'if this happens we'll do this' - all quite ethereal comments with no substance in practicality really.

I still don't know how to do my job eg where do I go to find out who owns a document, what is the process to get those documents to me, what I have to follow to get then loaded onto the shared site, where they have to be located exactly....

Frustrated and sat here literally with no work to do as I just don't know how to do my job. Rrrrr!  
Employee: anonymous
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