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Poor Employee Morale and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been at my job for a year. I started out with one administrative job description. Over the year, I have taken on many more jobs, more than I should have. I have always done my best and the jobs have always gotten done. I got my 1 year job evaluation last week. I got a superior evaluation. My merit raise was 50 cents an hour. I asked if it could be negotiated and was told no. Now I really feel like I have been taken advantage of for this past year. Especially since I know the other two women in my department, who were hired a month before me, are making at least $2 an hour more than I am and I am doing more work than they are. The one has called off sick at least 3 months of the past year, and I am not exaggerating.

I am now feeling frustration and resentment. I have not said anything to my boss. I have decided that I can either accept this, or I can try and do better with a new job. I am going to start a job hunt next week. But, am I wrong to feel resentful because of this? I'm not sure what to do.  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
There is all open way for the potential employee, either we can leave the job or stick on the job , as for as i concern you should stick in the job and try alway for the new jobs. That is the better way for this problem.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I don't think you are wrong for feeling this way and I don't feel like you would be wrong for going back and stating what you feel like you are worth. But you need to be prepared. Make a list clearly showing on the new responsibilities that you have taken on and how many more hours you are working, etc. If you know what the responsibilities are of the other girls, you may show that side by side to make it clear you do more and therefore, should make more. If you have a good attitude, good attendance, good reputation, bring up those topics as well.
Good luck!
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
You've made a good faith effort to excel and seen the result. I would suggest that you check out what is available elsewhere and consider moving on.
Contributor: visitor
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