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Sexual Harassment and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My boss is not only the boss, but he actually owns the company I work for. Anytime there is an issue at work or disagreement he will talk to the person, settle it, and give that person a hug. I always thought it was weird, but didnt do or say anything. This week we had a disagreement and settled it and he hugged me. But this time the hug was prolonged.

When I started to let go, he pulled me back and said 'i just want to hold you a little longer'. I instantly felt uncomfortable, but I didnt do or say anything and let him keep hugging me. He started talking about being stressed out and he was sorry if he was causing me stress and mumbling other things I couldnt understand. He kept pulling back any looking into my eyes and I got the strong feeling he was going to try to kiss me. I turned my head and pretending my purse was falling so he kissed my forehead and started stroking my hair and telling me how good it felt to hold me. I was so scared and just stood there. I didnt feel like I could say stop or dont because I was there by myself with him and was scared to make him mad.

He finally let me go after about 5 minutes and I started to leave and he insisted on walking me to the back door. When we got to the back door he stood between me and the door and started talking again about being stressed and how he just needs a hug and pulled me to him. He did the pulling back thing and again I felt that he would kiss me, but he just stroked my hair and face. He even said 'i know this is inappropriate, but i just need to hold you'. I pulled away and said I had to go and he apologized for keeping me and said that he wanted just one more hug. At that point he moved my jacket out of the way so he could hug me around my waist and started rubbing my back. This lasted a few moments and I said I really had to go now and he finally let me leave.

I have no idea what to do. I know I should have said something, but again I was there by myself with him. Also he is the owner so there is no higher up that I can complain to! I was doing research on internet and it said I cant sue or press charges because it only happened this once. Am I supposed to stay and let it happen again??? What if next time he pushes it further? Im there by myself at least one day a week with him and this terrifies me. I talked to a few girls I worked with and they said he had hugged them before and one said it felt like it lasted a little longer than it shoukd and they felt uncomfortable. He also has kissed them on the cheek. I cant quit my job because I cant afford to! Im going to try to find a job, but didnt know if I should be doing anything in the mean time.  
Employee: anonymous
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