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I have a Privacy Manager or Ombudsman at work. Can I still use your site?

I have a Privacy Manager or Ombudsman at work. Can I still use your site?Yes. Anonymous Employee has created this program specifically to work alongside your existing ombudsman or privacy manager. We provde them with a fully functional process that they can use within their daily routine.

Our anonymous communication process has the added advantage to you of being a truly third party solution. We are not on your companies payroll, and therefore, we will not be influenced by any internal politics or other external forces.

Also, we are backed by a nation wide network of mediators, dispute resolution partners, professional investigators, employment lawyers, and associations. We suggest that before using the services of Anonymous Employee, you consider using the services that your company currently has available. This could include your human resources manager, supervisor, ombudsman, or privacy manager. If those options fail, or if you feel that you are not secure enough to speak with your existing channels, then we offer our services to you.

Your ombudsman or privacy manager may already be aware of our services and should be willing to work alongside your efforts to create a happy and productive work environment.

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