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Is Your Data Secure?

Anonymous Employee is dedicated to providing a secure online presence. We invest strongly into the security of our databases. We feature advanced SSL 128 bit encryption, database encryption, PHP source code encryption, and the latest protection in hardware and software firewalls.

In addition to maintaining our own security, we also provide our members with the ability to remove or censor any keywords they wish to remove. This provides you with the highest level of protection for your membership. If any information is stored on our servers that you do not wish there, you can remove it from your membership. Furthermore, with our advanced dictionary tool, we help to ensure that no identifying information is ever entered into our database to begin with. This provides you with a level of protection that is not normally offered elsewhere.

Anonymous Employee also takes extra precautions in writing secure code. We help to safeguard you against SQL injection attacks, buffen overruns, and other methods attackers use to compromise data security. Advanced Attack Detection Planning helps to stay one step ahead of most attackers.

Anonymous Employee also takes extra precautions to help prevent session hyjacking. For your protection, we do not use cookies as they leave identifying information on your computer. This helps to further safeguard your experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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