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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
After reading through the website, I'll post in point form the exact problems I am having with my current foreman.

* Unreasonable criticism
* Creating an inconsistent or unfair work environment
* Not giving credit where it is due
* Insults, put downs, yelling, screaming, and other abusive behavior

Been like this for the past two months, and I have no idea how to handle it. Never been put into this situation before. I can use my day today as the perfect example. Arrived on the job site, to have my foreman and his lead hand leave to get material. I ended up working with one other individual, while somebody just sat in the truck all morning. Foreman arrived back on job site, congratulated the other two for their hard work and told me off. skip to lunch, I walk talking to the lead hand about a way to solve a minor problem we've been having about the work, and my foremen steps in and calls me a "Cocky little piece of shit". The lead hand and a few other guys tried to step in my defence and he quickly shut them up and tore into me. Listing off all my mistakes, and shortcomings, and even bringing up things from the past. (Things were bad between us once before, and he stepped up and said it was all water under the bridge. and is now, throwing it all in my face). after about a half an hour of this the conversation was ended with "From now on, just show up, do your job and shut the f*ck up" and he ignored me for the rest of the day.

My problem is this. This individual is a powerhouse at my company, anybody who has ever gotten in his way has either gotten fired, or transferred to what we so fondly call "The bitch work crew" and eventually quit. Except me... for me its just a long drawn out process of constant put downs, work credit being given to other co-workers, etc...

so, I do nothing and this pattern continues. I speak to him directly, and he will list off every shortcoming and mistake I've ever made while working under him, and this pattern will continue much worse. I take this to management, and he will put on a smile, shake my hand, apologise, and this pattern will continue a 1000x worse the second we leave the office. As far as support from my co-workers, they try to step in my defence and quickly get shut up. they do not want to be in the position I'm in right now so 99% of the time they back off completely.

I'm not a company doormat, I've never had that personality. I've never let people walk on me, but this current situation has me completely stumped. On one hand, if I take matters into my own hands things will get worse and I potentially get fired. On the other, if I do nothing than I wake up everyday dreading work.

I could go on but to save time I will leave it at this, any help would be amazing. Any more info or questions just ask!  


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