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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
About 1 year ago my supervisor told me she had a bad attitude toward me because I wasn't contributing $100 or more to the organization that we worked for. I made annual contributions of $30 at that time. She proceeded to also spout off about my financial situation, none of her assumptions were with merit. I ended up defending myself and explaining why I was doing certain things with regard to my finances which were none of her business.

At the time I had worked for the non-profit for 3 years and had always received excellent job performance reviews so this had absolutely nothing to do with my performance as an employee. Basically she was being underhanded in her fund raising tactics. I never talked to co-workers about this situation but broached it with my spouse and family members. Eventually I doubled my contribution and this seemed to placate my supervisor. She hand wrote on my thank you letter from our membership coordinator, "I hope I didn't pressure you too much!"

Then, about 2 months after this she began to harass me regarding a staff retreat. This "retreat" was a week-long river trip that staff were required to pay $400 and the rest was paid for by the company and a funder. I told her that I couldn't go on the planned week/trip because I had my son that week (joint custody). She said, "I'll bug you until you change your mind."

It's difficult to report in this submission how stressful her confrontations with me were. I eventually told our HR committee rep. what was going on with her and he talked to her boss (the Director). After this, she began to retaliate by telling me about every little thing I did wrong. She was keeping tabs on me. Let me remind you I had received excellent reviews for 4 years! All of a sudden I'm getting bad comments from her. This put a lot of stress on me and my attitude became bad. Eventually she fired me but I feel like it was a wrongful termination. If she hadn't bullied and harassed me before I would still be there.

I don't work there any longer (obviously). I hate the fact that I have to tell prospective employers that I was fired. She won't give me a good reference. What should I do?  


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