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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I worked as a provisional employee in a NYC agency from 1997-2004 . In 2003 I passed the civil service exam and was hired from that list and went to another city agency. I started on 10/03. Sometime in July 04, my director had a meeting w/me in re: to lateness. I explained the hand scanner did not work many times and that I logged it into the book -which was set up for that purpose. She stated okay.I never signed anything & the matter was not brought up again then 10/04 I was terminated.Since the place I worked for was familiar with law I thought I could not do anything about it.

I have just taken the exam again I have been called off the list. After interviewing with another NYC agency on 5/3/10 the person interviewing informed me that I was wrongfully terminated on 10/04 because the agency did not follow procedures which includes write ups, documented meetings and permission from the agency head to terminate. He stated that 1 verbal meeting on the matter was insufficient cause to terminate. He said he would have to review and investigate before making me an offer of employment what can I do ? They are no negative reports on my record for any of my past employers. I spoke with someone at the union who did confirm that it was a wrongful termination what is the next step I should take?? Thanks any info would be appreciated  


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