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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I just started a job at a grocery store, and I've seen more theft in my first 2 days than I ever have in 7 years at my previous job. Other employees take products and eat it 'out of big brother's view', where camera's can't see them and it seems as though everyone knows where these locations are! I watched one of my co-workers weigh food, lift off the top half like a magic trick and then print the ticket; this was not a cheap product. Not only this but most employees know which cameras are and are not functioning. I'm completely aghast that these people are so boldly stealing. I want to report them but I'm concerned of more than a few things:

1.these people are struggling to make ends meet and I feel real bad about that and they will lose their job if found out,

2.this is only my first week and will my word mean anything,

3.this is my only job and I can not lose it!

What do I do & how do I do it.  


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