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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Within the same week, I was subject to verbal and physical by a high ranking officer at my job. The first time, he just burst into my office, and started shouting about me not respecting deadline and not doing my job. The thing is it happened in front of my direct supervisor and the instigator is not on our chain of command or dept. He was upset because my director was not in the office and something needed to be done. So he came onto to me thinking I was responsible for the delay.
The second time it happened, there was condescending language, pushing, shoving, all in front of a crowd of co-workers.
He is an executive and I am not, but I will not take the belittling and humiliation I was subject to. My Dept Director is not moving fast enough to resolve this.
What are my option? What should i ask for beside a public apology? There is a recurring trend of racial discrimination in language around that same executive. Also, I am a member of a protected class, given my gender, race and religious affiliation. If this gets to the EEOC, what are the probable outcome?

Many thanks.  


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