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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Im having a few problems at work well it starts as im a very good employee i must say first of all i always hit my goal each month and never call in let me explain about that i never call in because its the worst to do, my supervisor makes you feel really bad if you do call in so bad that if your horribly sick you still want to go in after calling in to him/her. we get so much pto or eto to take and i dont think it should be a problem if you have hrs to take or your not abusing it but he doesn't tell you you cant he just makes you feel so bad afterwards if you do. and im pretty sure in the state im in that its against the law to work a 10 hr. shift and get no break and not to say im standing the whole 10hrs. or at least im suppose to anyways and i get no thank you or anything for that . i had to call in for a fam. emergancy ( fam.s funeral) today and lets just say i just got back from vaca. so it wasnt easy when i got off the phone i was crying and i have about 80 hrs. of sick time or vaca time. what do i do i just feel like it shouldn't be this way when i need to call in for some reason  


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