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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Hi all you working people,

I am kind of stuck with a problem that seems to keep arising. I get told to do things by my manager but I seem to just not do them to her expectations. I was always on the shopfloor Visual Merchandising, helping customers etc. That was fine, apart from the odd bad day here and there, not getting things done wasnt a problem if it happened.

Recently I have been moved to the stockroom as we are clearing it out and starting from scratch with it again. In the beginning of it all it was my project and it was a case of, if I felt something was needed then it would get done or be discussed. At this stage I wasnt 100% aware my manager had a mental picture of what she wanted and didnt exactly share that with me but when she did there was instant problems. She was off one day and left me some tasks, AM - sort our kids section, label accessories A-Z order. PM start labelling smaller stock room and create a workspace for deliveries.

Unfortunately that day I wasnt very well but I did what I could. when she came back she tore into me about how I didnt do anything she had asked, the stockroom was a mess etc. in short she was not impressed. Some things were not 100% finished, so i understand her frustration but the fact I had tried to do more managable things on the list seemed to be a problem.
When she talks to me about it I genuinley feel like an idiot, I dont know what to say without arguing with her, she literally has to write down things in 2 hour blocks so I do what she wants now along with a diary so I can communicate better with her. I see why she is doing it but I dont feel I am 100% the problem and I feel like a complete waste of space having to basically be spoonfed instructions at times. I never used to be like this and its frustrating me now.

Does anyone have any advice?

Id just like to know I can be trusted to do things without feeling like an idiot again. I just dont know what to do, its like Ive become unable to focus or something. Cant quite put my finger on it.

Sorry if this seems a bit all over the place but my thoughts on it all are all over the place lol.  


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