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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I'm currently working my first job (Local business, under 20 employees at this branch). I started here a year ago. With no previous employment experience, I was hired on as a part-time assistant field technician, making 8/hr (minimum wage + change), with no benefits. I did however, get a Christmas bonus, thankfully. I work 4 hours, 11-4 generally and expected to work beyond that, as the need requires(I get overtime); meaning it's harder to find a job. Slightly more than a year later, I still have the same wage, and hours. I now work in 3 departments: (Still) Assistant Field Technician, IT Consulting/Support (Tier 1 & 2), and Marketing (Social Media Division). Still no benefits, probably because i'm classified as part-time.

Am I being taken advantage of? I tried asking for a normal 9-to-5 day, but my supervisor keeps going back to my part-time schedule after about a week (this happened twice), when I'm free all day. Should I ask for a raise soon? I don't mind working there. I'd like to work there as long as I can before I ship off, but I feel i'm not quite getting what I think I deserve.  


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