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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Managerment and upper managerment speaks down to employees. Corporate cuts hrs of employees yet piles more work on them making it impossible to get the job done. When the employee cant get the work completed, then managerment of all areas with in company uses verable degradeing remarks to employees and threatens the employee with their job. Example: employee hrs are cut from 35wk to 30. More duties are added to job. Now employee is trying to get 40 + hrs worth of work done in 30 mgment tells employee if he/she cant do the work then they will hire someone who can. Or if you cant get the work done then maybe you should step down and let someone else take the position who can. Managment goes as far as to degrade employee in front of customers. This has lead to employee illness and employees having mental issues. Doctors have stated to some employees that have had health issues that they are working in a mentally toxic envirement. 85 percent of the people at my work place hate their jobs now and dread comning to work everyday because they never know what managerment or upper managerment is going to do or say. This is a right to work state so there are no laws to protect us or our jobs. Going to hr or higher is a joke. Instead of working to help solve the problem they turn it around and place the blame on the employee who has filed the complaint. Is the anything at all that can be done to help us. Keep in mind this a well known company.  


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