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Hi. Does someone know how to fix my problem at work? I work with an office cleaning company. We go in and clean office buildings on contract during the night when the employees arenít there. Before we go to the location where the job is, we first go to the cleaning company and put the things we need in the van. This is the vacuums, the cleaning solutions, buckets, gloves, and other things. But if weíre the last team to get there, there isnít always enough stuff to go around. This means that weíre always subbing with other things that arenít right for the job. Iíve used toilet bowl cleaner on desks, and even had to sweep a carpet one day because the vacuums were all taken and the last one was in the shop. Weíve complained to the night manager, but heís just concerned with his own job because heís already busy with people who donít show up, and making sure that we get to the locations on time. I donít want to have to get another job if I donít have to, because the pay is pretty good, and I like my partner.  


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