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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I am a professional server of 6 years and have been with my current employer just 3 months. The co-owner of the restaurant I work at was in for drinks with his wife and friends. They were drinking heavily, to the point that if it were any other table, I would have cut them off. Since it was the owner, I asked my supervisor for advice. I was told by the supervisor that the owner would get very upset and to allow them to continue. The supervisor then went home, leaving me with no managerial support.

I went back to the table to clear glasses and a friend of the owners (male), who had already grabbed me by the waist earlier in the night, again grabbed me around my arm and body and pulled me down to him. He then asked the owner to take a picture of us. The owner agreed, and although I was visibly uncomfortable, began fumbling with his cell phone to take the picture, this took some time and the whole while his friend would not let me up. The friend then 'posed' for the picture by sticking his tongue out through his extended middle and index fingers (insinuating a sexual act).

I told all this to my co-workers and have left a note with the other co-owner. I made a copy of that note and kept it as well.

What else can I do?  


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