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What if my situation requires professional investigation?

What if my situation requires professional investigation or a professional investigator?Professional investigation may be required or beneficial for many situations.

"In cases that appear to warrant an investigation the employer should appoint a neutral person to examine the circumstances of a complaint. They therefore should be as independent and objective as possible. The investigator must know about Human Rights, the Code and any internal policy. "
-Ontario Human Rights Commission

Either a company, or an employee should be willing to consider the services of a professional investigator

For Employees:
In most cases, employees seek legal assistance without properly documenting their concerns. This means that the lawyer will then hire the employee an investigator at an inflated rate. Before spending a lot of money on a lawyer, you may want to consider the services of a professional investigation.

For Employers:
When a complaint or concern is brought to your attention, it may be a good practice to investigate the matter as thouroughly as possible. This helps you fully understand the situation, and then you are in a better position to make judgement decisions. A professional investigator that specializes in employment and harassment issues may be able to do the job more cost effectively and accurately than you are able too do on your own.

Please contact us if you feel you could benefit from the services of a professional investifator.

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