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Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have recently started a new job and after a few days I started to get a "feeling" that one gal in the office didn't like me. I was ok with that because she seemed to get pleasure and felt better about herself by degrading others. The other, very normal and wonderful, girls in the office would respond to her and laugh and joke around too. Not me. I don't get into making myself feel better at others expenses. This gal would go get drinks, food for others and not offer to get me one. No big deal really. She is very overprotective of "her" work space that everyone has to share. She will not move when I need through and say excuse me. She will push her chair behind me or in the opening of the cubicle area, she will push a cart blocking my only way out from behind a table. And do this repeatedly. She will not work when we're both doing data entry, she will play on the internet and her phone, but she will work hard when someone else is doing data entry next to her.

When I ask a question, I'm new I ask a lot of questions, she gets irritated and downgrading. Today she stood over me while I was working and her eyes were bugging out of her head and her arms were outstretched and she was raising her voice at me and pointing because she couldn't find a list of phone numbers that was on her cubicle wall. I told her I didn't know where they were, she just kept going on, I asked her what it looked like, she didn't find that numerous at all, she just assumed it was me. Like other occasions, if there was a mistake made, of course it had to me that did it and she would be condescending and wouldn't let it drop.

I know these are just little things but they go on all day, everyday, her humor is not funny to me, it is downgrading, all I hear is how this person is stupid, or that person is stupid. I work with doctors and nurses. Come on, these are intelligent, educated people. They are not stupid. I thought at first if I could just learn my job she would quit, but the better I get at it, the worse she is becoming. Then I thought maybe she would quit soon because I'm new and it wear off. It hasn't happened yet. Today, when she stood over me, loosing control, in my opinion, it became clear, I was right, she doesn't like me. Others in the office seem to like her but they also seem afraid of her. Today I left at lunch with an exploding migraine. I will not let her do this to me. I will not let her force me out of a good job. I need to know tactics to stop her. I don't really want to go to my supervisor because she likes this gal but has also made the comment that she-my supervisor-knows that sometimes she gets sucked into the negativity and wishes she wouldn't.

I don't want to be considered thin skinned or a baby. I want to go to work and do a good job, I want those around me to work also and just have a nice work environment. I thought about saying something like "Jane Doe why do say that" or "Jane Doe why are you raising your voice" What do I do without being a baby or oversensitive or God forbid, becoming a bully back to her. Please help.  
Employee: krazybonz
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