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Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am part of a team that works very closely together. My problem started in 2006 but has escalated to the point that I have had to seek treatment for depression. When I first joined this company I believed it would be a step up from my previous employment. This could not be further from the truth. The manager that hired me seemed pleasant and easygoing and to be truthful she was a nice person your face. I began to see changes after a couple of months. It soon became apparent that my manager at that time felt it was her duty to not only manage her team but also the positions of several other departments. When a mistake was discovered and another department was responsible for following through my manager made it her mission to make the other department manager aware that their job had not been completed in a timely manner (of course in her time only). Micromanagement continued by reviewing each and every file I worked on as well as being monitored daily by entering redundant data into several different databases that were not made available outside of this department. I was not permitted to work on higher- level projects.

I was permitted though to perform administrative duties for another employee as well as assisting other team members with data entry. I have now endured being treated and talked to like a child for 3 years and have had enough. Our company went through a major re-org and at that time my manager told me that I was doing an excellent job and that she would pass this information on to the next manager as I would not be rporting to her anymore. (By the way they are good friends outside of the company and have been for 10 years). I thought maybe this could be a good thing…Wrong!!! I was out sick for one week with a DR’s excuse and the day before I was to return I received a voice mail from my new manager stating that she had called my Dr’s office but they were closed. She needed a signed slip from the Dr with a return date (although my excuse was for one week and included the dates.)

The next morning I called and asked her if I should stop and get a slip on the way in, but they do not open until 8:30 so I was late (I drive 35 miles each way) When I arrived I was told by email I could make up the hours at any time during lunch or staying late. At this point I decided I needed to get out.

I requested a transfer through our VP at which time he told me from what he understood it was due to my errors that I was experiencing so much trouble. He stated that it was up to me to resolve this was with my former manager that very same day I received a call that a family member was being taken to the hospital and I left the building telling another team member the reason. My family member died 3 days later. I returned to work on a week later. When I came back it was told to me that my manager felt it was necessary to share her opinion with the team that my family member because of something that was totally untrue. Now I had enough of the team gossiping and backstabbing. I had decided then rather then letting it build up, I would contact HR and let them help decide the best approach. The meeting was scheduled for 1 week later.
Things just went downhill from there. During staff a meeting I was told (with everyone present) that I would not be working on any projects that I was hired for.

I scheduled a meeting with my former manager at her request and inquired why I would not be working on these projects. At this time she told me that I did not have the skills. I then asked her why they even keep me if they feel that I do not have skills. Her response was that they were giving me the opportunity to improve. I then stated that no it sounded like they just needed a data entry clerk. I also stated that I did not need a micromanager and someone breathing down my neck all of the time. They needed to loosen up and let me learn by allowing me to do more. I also stated that she did not need to talk down to me or like a child. (Keep in mind this is not my manager anymore). I met with my manager the next day for a pre-arranged meeting. She started off by asking me “ did you know your own team does not even trust you because of your accuracy rate?” When I replied, “no I did not know” “how would I know that unless I was told?” Her reply was “ it is not up to them to tell you, you have to find out for yourself” OK so now I have to be a mind reader as well. She then went on to state she knew about the meeting with my former manager and

She did not like what she heard. Remember I am still a little emotional since it had only been 2 weeks since my family member passed. I started to tear up because she told me that I am going to be put on a performance plan and that it was because of my former manager that I received a raise and that I have to be the one to resolve the issues. She told me that my former manager felt bad about the previous day and I told her “I wish I felt bad that she felt bad.” Her response was to sit straight up point her finger at me and say “ see that's the difference between you and her, she feels bad and you don’t!” At this point I was sobbing and I told her I did not want to talk about it. She said she needed example of the way I was treated and I told her and she just shook her head in disbelief because HER friend would never talk to me any differently than she would anyone else. I told her it was true and there are days that I have to struggle to even come in because I get sick to my stomach on the way in and do not want to be there. She told me I had to decide whether I wanted to keep my job or not.
I took 2 days off to think about it. This may have not been the best decision I ever made because I have been paying for it ever since. Our last meeting was just a litany of everything I have done wrong since I started and how my team does not trust due to not staying late or working through my lunch hour.

I was told I was going on a Performance Plan. That was the last verbal communication with her as I refuse to meet with her anymore until this was resolved. That was months ago and the last communication from her or my VP or HR was weeks before I went on Medical Leave for 1 month. I returned part time on and my manager and former manager have not said a word more than absolutely necessary.
I have met HR twice in 1 week and it has been decided after several months that this has to be resolved. I have to meet with everyone involved and HR. I have realized that something is going on and now it has become my fault for speaking up to my former manager.

Bottom line…how should I handle this?

Employee: dlucas01
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