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I have a life, and I need to know the days I come in
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This is the original problem from an employee...
Hello all,

I've just started a job and have been working there for a about 3 weeks.The position is Temp/part time. First of all, training was sporadic and inconsistent. After the First week I was told that I would get the schedule to come in for more training the 2ND week. The schedule was made up, and I was on it for the whole second week, until I came in on Mon,Tues of the second week to find I had been taken off all together ! training was suppose to be 2 weeks, it was a total of 5 days.

Because on the 3rd week school started, and it would be super busy, so we had better be ready. Well, I was ready even though others with the same availability as me, the same hiring date, got trained more days, an were receiving more hours than me . I asked, do you have the schedule, the supervisor says, no, i haven't made it yet, I'll let you know when i have. usually the schedule is made based on you availability, and I said i was open for whatever hours, another day goes by, I have to call her, and she tells me, OK, come in on sat and sun. She had me at a whole other location, OK that was fine. Everyday I'm asking her for the schedule, she keeps blowing me off. One day after leaving her a message she called me 1 hour b4 she wanted me to work, I had an appointment and couldn't make it, so she asked me to work the next day. I said OK.

I was curious if the other temp/part employees had been given a schedule, so i went to the place she originally had me working an hour b4 my shift to see if they were in fact working all week. I talked to one of them, and they told me they had been given one, and in fact they were working all week, and getting more hours than they had thought they would get, same availability as me and everything, I just felt bad, like why wasn't I being trained like everyone else, given the same amount of hours as those with the same availability as me? I just feel like it's a game. oh, and she told me that she wouldn't know , and that it would be a day by day thing, when the job clearly stated it was temp/part-time, not on call, but when I talked to the other supervisor, her tune changed back to, "I'm still working on the schedule, I'm trying to get it together".

What should I do? I have a life, and I need to know the days I come in , so i could make my other plans in my life accordingly.  
Employee: anonymous
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