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This is the original problem from an employee...
I do not want to disclose the organizations business. I had excellent President, VP and HR VP who were all for me. But, my boss hated my guts because I was bold enough to walk up to my President or VP and talk to them.

I was hired 8 months back and I was hired for a position in the technical field. I was placed by a placement firm. I joined the job. I came to know that there was already an employee who quit earlier. I tried doing my job what I was hired for, but my manager would not allow me to access the systems or would not allow me to do anything that was relevant to my job description. Instead, i was told to do other low end jobs. I had two other co-workers who would not do much and behind my back they would be gossiping including my own boss. I tried to do the job to the best of my ability and tried everything possible to make this person happy. But, I was always discredited. I was slapped on my hand several times to put me down. I knew that my immediate manager who is supposed to be managing was not doing the management job instead was doing technical job. Any changes will not be communicated to the team or no one known. My boss would do changes and will not let anyone know and then when there is a problem, then the boss will come and kind of question me did I do any changes. I would say know and why should I do something when it is not relevant. Several times, I have had this incident with my boss. So, I finally just backed off and the next time I was asked I would just say NO. Other than this, the other two co-workers will never talk or work as a team and I continued to do my job. If I ask any questions, I would not be informed properly. We had a meeting with the management and I explained one day as my boss was trying to get me fired. The entire company liked me as I was doing my job and helping them and I had a good name with every individual. Even today, I can prove that to any law that I was well liked. This became a problem and every time in the meeting my boss would say, oh everyone likes you. "Nobody would like me if I am not doing my job", I was a peoples person as well as I did my job and that is why they all liked me. This became a problem for my boss since everyone liked me. Also, my boss was obsessed that I had a management degree and I was smart enough to figure out what was wrong or right. And, I would let my boss know directly that this has been done wrong. Incidents have happened, where my boss would do things and would cover up and people in the organization would not know what went wrong. I could not put up with this, and finally all the three of them ganged up on me and tried to get me out. I tried changing to another position, but by then I got another offer so finally I quit.

I have been a victim in many jobs like this, where being truthful, honest and sincere does not get me anywhere other than walking out of the door. I cannot do this since I have a bad resume, as I try my best to be in one place for at least 5 years but in this last 5 years I have changed to 5 jobs. Please, help.  
Employee: anonymous
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