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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
To Whom It May Concern,

I worked in this small, but growing machine shop owned by husband and wife. I got fired on 06/19/2009 for poor work performance. I had no prior verbal or written warnings. The owner just fired me an hour in to my shift on a Friday. I worked a min. of 50 (most weeks a lot more) hours the whole time I was there. Which was a year and a half. I worked 46 hours in four days the week I got fired. He fired me for poor work performance. But I think there was more behind it. There were a few people that knew I had the recordings of him buying drugs from an employee. One of which was the plant manager. Maybe it got back to him, and he wanted to get rid of me before it got back to his wife, or someone that could have done something about it. I have got 20 years experience in my trade, and never ever been fired or gotten any verbal or written warnings from any shop I have worked at. Oh and I am also renting a house from this man, because he was begging me to rent it and move closer to work. Which I am expecting an eviction notice any day now. The truth of the matter is. The owner has a drug problem. He has been hooked on pain medication for several years. Everyone in the shop knows it. Actually the whole town knows it.

I was hired in as a screw machine supervisor at this shop. He buys drugs from an employee, and he does it right on company time. It just so happens that this guy was in my department. This guy is far from the idea employee. He has been written up several times. For not doing his job! For running scrap, for wrecking the machinery, for walking around socializing. I was able to fire him awhile back, and Tim (the owner) brought him back. The owner told me and the plant manager to fire him again "broom him to be exact", and we did just that. All three of us ended up in the office, and right in front of us he said he never said that. He lied, he told us to do something. We did it. His wife got mad, so he lied and said he never said anything about firing him. When he left the office. Linda (the owner) said she didnít want her unemployment tax or whatever that is to go up.

I filed a claim for unemployment. I got a letter saying that I was denied because of my employers interest. It said I am denied because I refused to do assigned work, and that I received past warnings. I never refused to do any work! And never got any warnings (written or verbal) about anything. In fact. When I hired in. They had 8 National Acmes. None of them would run. In the year and a half I was there. I had their 8 acmes running, and sense I started. They purchased 5 more Acmes. When I started there they were talking about getting rid of the Acme department. I must have been doing something right! A few days before they let me go. Linda and I had a meeting. Which I have on recording. In this meeting. Linda says that she is going to get an outside company to come in and help me out with some of the work. She says numerous times that I am overloaded, and have way to much to do. For whatever reasons this outside company never comes in. They were supposed to be there the Monday before the 19th. So once again, I am left with a work load that I can not possibly complete on my own. They were there the morning they let me go. I have asked Tim, Linda, and the plant manager to get me some help because I can not keep up, and do everything I need to do. We went as far as to interview three or four machinist. Skilled machinist that would have eased my work load. Nothing ever came of it. Doesnít adding more complex machinery to a shop increase someoneís workload? In their cnc mill department. The supervisor has 5 mills he is in charge of. In the cnc lathe department. The supervisor has 5 lathes he is in charge of. But yet I have 13 Acmes? Acmes are more complex than cnc`s.

In most cases it takes a min. of a day and a half to change the machine over. In a day in a half you can 10 set-ups on a cnc. In my field right now there is no work at all, and the denial/delay of unemployment I am going to lose everything I have. I am not going to have a place to live or anything. I also have his drug dealer on a voice recorder saying what kind of drugs he sells him, how many, and how much he charges him. I just don't know what to do. I donít think it was right for me to get fired, and definitely think itís wrong to get denied unemployment benefits. When I have done nothing wrong. I think it bothers me more that I canít find work, and I have a termination on my Resume now then it does to lose everything I have worked my whole life for. Can you give me any information that may help out, or maybe you can put me in touch with someone who can? Please. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Employee: eugene5645
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