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Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I was recently terminated from a federal position about one month before my probation period was up. I received the news a day before my termination that my HR would be meeting with me and if I wanted union representation I could have it. I was provided the union representatives actual contact information 10 minutes before my meeting with HR and several days later I have still not heard from the union representative.

The termination letter basically stated that my direct supervisor made this decision and was not happy with my job performance. It then went on to list reasons made by the director of my office.
I received a fully successful midterm evaluation and had never been given any verbal or written complaints or counselings before this
It was later found out that my supervisor did not make this decision or even know that it was going to happen. All of the reasons stated by the director were fabricated and not the least bit substantial. It was also said that she told me about specific job duties that she wanted me to perform. This is not the case.

This director is a new director and has only met with me personally for about an hour (being that we work in different states). My previous director who I had worked with for twice as long never had any complaints against me.

So this leads me to believe that either she personally just did not like me after only meeting me for one hour or that I was terminated to give another employee my job. The director had approved a hardship transfer from another office to our office before she had even came out to visit us. So it is very possible that there is not enough work or budget for a third position. It seems mighty strange that this transfer is starting the day before my official last day. But instead of even offering me a transfer to a different location she terminated me on fabricated reasons. I ended up signing a resignation instead just so that these lies do not show up when I apply for other jobs. I basically still consider this a forced resignation and not a willing one.

I am going to file a grievance though it seems that everything I have read basically states that probationary employees do not have any rights to appeal a termination unless it is for an EEO issue. If this is the case, I am considering writing to the President directly.

I was also curious if there is a way to get some sort of action taken against the director for falsifying documents in regards to saying that my direct supervisor made this decision.  
Employee: anonymous
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