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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My career/job is being systematically deconstructed by my boss. He used to bully me by losing his temper at me behind closed doors and in front of other people. I finally told him calmly and politely that I found this treatment had no cause and that even if it did have cause, to use me as a verbal "punching bag" was still unacceptable.

I believe that now he is simply resorting to another form of bullying, which is (a) to ostracize me from meetings, projects, etc. that my job description says I have a duty to be involved with (b) to keep changing what he says he wants my duties to be.. always in ways that has a negative impact on me, e.g. by making it vague and hard to understand (c) also pushing me into a poorly understood, lesser role at the fringes of the organization.

Throughout this time, he is assigning my old duties to individuals that used to report to me and also encouraging them to think of me as their subordinate. My job description designates me as the head of the workgroup and assigns to me a certain mandate and authority. But in practice this is all being changed without consulting me or getting my consent. Browsing the web, I came across the word "Constructive Dismissal" which is to change a persons job so much that he winds up having no choice but to quit and thereby that is a form of wrongful dismissal.

There is much precedent in our organization where if a person did not fit in he was respectfully offered a new job (with clarity about what it is) or a severance package. But I have had neither. I read that I cannot just sit like this for much longer because then they can claim that since time passed and I did not complain, then I have forfeited my right to complain. Therefore I guess I have to complain and strongly too. I need advice about how to do that.  
Employee: HadEnough
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