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I have already called the ethics hotline.
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am working in the pharmacy presently as a pharmacy tech assistant for the last 2 month and was a cashier in the pharmacy for about 6 months. Recently a girl was hired part-time as a pharmacy clerk (cashier)with limited availability. After only being their about 6 weeks comes to find out that she is being trained as a pharmacy tech assistant already. I did not know that they were looking for a pharmacy tech trainee.I asked my boss if this is true and she said yes. Another part of this story is that she has a domestic relationship with another girl in the same Dept.

I called the ethics hotline about this and they replied that as long as the 2 were not supervising one another that is was OK. I also complained at my work that the pharmacy is considered a sensitive area and that cannot be. Another part of this story is that the women are all friends in and out work to include the new hire. I cannot prove that my boss (she) doen't like be she has indirectly implied that I should transfer and that if hours are to be cut that I would be the first to have my hours cut or to be transfered to another division and also if I stayed I would have to work harder, and the others all women have indicated through their action that they do not like me.

Only after having complained to management about not being given the opportunity to be a tech trainee was I allowed to be trained, but the training quality and time priority is still given to the other. One other thing you should know is the other partner is leaving to go to school to become a Pharmacist while the other is to be trained and become a pharmacy tech. I work very hard and give my loyalty and best for the company I work for in the last 3yrs.

Please advice on this situation

Thank you,  
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