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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am a first asst manager and have been for 5yrs at the same place and the second asst manager came in as a cashier 18 months ago she became second asst about 8 months ago every since she has had this job she has caused problems for me and one other cashier. She will go to the manager and say one of us has said started a roomer about her and she over heard us but neither one of has worked for two days. When we try to talk to the manager he does not want to hear about it
this has been going on now for 2 to 3 months now the reason he will not say any thing is because he is staying at her house at least 3 or 4 nites a week because his car is broke down and can not get it fix right now. At least once a week he is tell me that I have said some about her. Today he confronted me about saying that this girls husband was stealing from our place of business. This was about something her husband bought at our business but it did not work instead of getting a different one they desided to keep it but the manager gave them some money back on it. That is fine but all I asked was to see a reciept on it because the manager was not there that day and the company is big on making sure all employees have reciepts on things when we walk out the door. Policy is big and we have cameras so I was saving or butts if any one asked about a reciept. The husband went to the manager and said I was accusing him of stealing. I tried to explain to the manager that because of the cameras thats why I asked for the reciept but the manager said I should never have asked about it I should have let her walk out the door with it. When I said this needs to be resolved today or I was going to our dm he told me I need to quit because I was causing problems. But if she starts causing problems he will tell us deal with it and if we dont like it quit. No matter what I do or say he is not seeing what she is doing to me and my job I cannot deal with this drama every day,week or month I need my job just like every one else she is trying to get my job. She has already got more hours then I do because he says she needs them more then I do.This also has been going on for months. What do I do so I do not quit or get fired  
Employee: anonymous
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