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This is the original problem from an employee...
I took a promotion at my job to "administrative assistant" 20 months ago. My employer is tasking me with things (IT desktop support) that are not part of my actual legal job description. There is talk of a pay raise and reclassification, but after 20 months I'm still doing much of the same "desktop IT support" work as the rest of the IT team but am classified and paid at a far lower "admin assistant" pay rate. They are demanding a lot of things of me that were not asked of the lady who held my position previously, because she didn't know as much about networks and software as I do. I only have a couple of classes and not a full Info Tech college degree and I'm glad to be able to try to learn on the job, but I'm starting to feel taken advantage of. I work for county government. Our local city government pays 25% more for my exact same admin assistant job title. I've already applied for a job with them in order to seek more fair pay. I don't want to play the "gender card", but I'm also the only woman on the team and am feeling sort of discriminated against. When I submitted a request for college tuition reimbursement, I was discouraged by our IT manager, he claimed "but you have to be in a DEGREE PROGRAM" (which I was).. When I overheard him talking to a male employee, his response was "There's still money in the program get your request in right away." I've been with this company for 11 years and I do appreciate the generous leave time accruals and have a lot of retirement saved up, but I'm wondering how to fix this other than to simply leave and negotiate a better salary with a different employer.  
Employee: dzero
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
The best strategy in this situation is to normally get the title of the proper role. Don't even worry about the money. Once you have the title, then you can move on to another company and get both the title and the money. Just use this as a stepping stone and be very smart about it. Play all your cards properly. Smile and work for the long term, not the short term.
Contributor: visitor
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