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Unethical Behavior and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am an shop foreman of a large new car dealer. I recently orally warned an employee for not providing a wheel alignment printout for a wheel alignment performed under warranty. This documentation is required by the manufacturer as proof of adjustments made. The employee stated that the printer was not working: which I verified, and fixed by merely restarting the aligner. I directed the employee to put the vehicle back on the rack, and get the printout, which he did. Later, when I examined the printout, I found that the vehicle was out of specifications:if the claim was examined by the manufacturer, it would certainly be debited. The employee called our HR dept, and stated I was harassing him. As I wrote an technician manual which he signed for, which clearly stated a printout was required, and to notify your supervisor if a piece of equipment is malfunctioning, I was exonerated after an interview with the complainant, HR representative, and the dealers general manager. As the dealer has 2 shops on the premises, my intention is to recommend the complainant moved to the other shop, where he will have another supervisor. As the shop we are both currently working is attached to the customer area, and my job includes test drives with customers, it is logical that I remain. Also, I plan to cancel his advanced training, until his performance improves. As the complainants allegations have been deemed baseless, can he still claim that my actions is retaliation for his complaint?  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Since the worker is not conforming with the companies standards, then he/she should be cautioned or warned. Any time a person err's it is the fault of the leader. The leader is responsible because he/she should know what can occur. This is not an area of procrastination. This is an area of comprehensiveness. Bottom line, the Leader is not doing his/her job. The foreman is doing what he is told to do, but the Leader (manager) is not supportive.

CWO B.J. Freeman USN Retired
AAMT, BSISM, MHROD, (PhD ED 3rd year graduate student)

Contributor: visitor
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