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customer making false accusations
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This is the original problem from an employee...
I saw a customer carry product in hand heading towards the exit. I approached him and politely asked if he'd already paid for the product. He said yes and I asked if I could please see his receipt. The customer failed to provide one. I asked which register he'd paid at. I confirmed the purchase with the person operating that register and the customer had left. Next day I got a call from the store manager, telling me that the man's wife had called head office and made a complaint.

I was really surprised. The manager called the lady back, and made an apology. A week later I was asked by my employer to fill out a possible liability form and informed that the man's wife was not satisfied with the apology. Furthermore, she said that I accused her husband of stealing, and I was racially discriminating against him when I asked to see his receipt. Everything that I did, I've done every time I saw anyone leaving the store carrying an item in their hand. Especially if I couldn't see a receipt immediately. This is the worst thing anyone has ever suggested about me. Also, please note that the wife was not present at the time of the event. And the husband has not even spoken or made any complaints himself. All complaints have been made by his wife on his behalf. I am really hurt by these false allegations of discrimination and racism. I was just following procedures and now I dont know what to do.

I also want to add that following the confirmation from the person on the register, I made an apology to the customer for all the trouble. I dont know why this is happening. Please advise me on what to do next. I've never been accused of doing something horrible like discriminating based on ethnicity. I'm not racist and these allegations are false, with no basis to them help please.  
Employee: gemmy
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Sounds like she is just bullying you with no legal basis, especially since she wasn't there. You've mentioned that the guy has made no statements. That's good. If it was he who complained, I would be worried. I know you've been injured here, but stuff like this happens, and people abuse the system all the time. So I wouldn't worry, unless one of two things happens: the husband makes a complaint himself or your boss makes a big deal out of it. If your manager is the problem, try to talk to him and ask if it is okay that you call the guy who you allegedly offended. Just bypass his wife. She is absolutely not related to the case and should be treated as such. I understand that your manager wants to be cool with his customers, and that's why he called her, but if I were him, I would refuse to even talk to her and try to talk to the man himself. If your boss says no, ask if he can call the man on your behalf, not the wife. If you guys work it out with the man himself, who cares about the wife? He is a grown man and she is not his master. For the future, just remember, only parties directly related to the incident matter. Same in court as everywhere else. And don't worry. I don't have a racist bone in my body and I heard that kind of nonsense against me a few times. Just ignore it with respect to your feelings, not the actual case, that is. I hope this helps. Good Luck. In the security and law enforcement we have to develop a thick skin. It's not easy but it's necessary so that we can be professionals. What matters most is that YOU know you're not a racist.
Contributor: visitor
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