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Lying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
The day I was terminated the Dentist was in a bad mood which was not uncommon. He has a wife that was 20 yrs. younger who he had caught several times cheating and setting up differant bank accounts for her personal use. Any ways it was another day he was caught up on the web investagating her, calling her and questioning her. I asked him to buy us lunch because it was another day we would have to work through are lunch hour. He answered me in a very mean way "No I cant and I wont be buying lunch anymore I have no money. This practice is loosing money I have a house payment that is $12,000 and bla bla bla." That made me upset and I came back with a smart comment "And I was just going to ask for a raise." He became furious, is face turned beat red, his eyes bulgged out and he said I will not give you a raise or anyone else a raise in this office. So at the end of the day he called me into his office and terminated me. I filled for Unemployment benifits, he made SERIOUS false statements to the DES on reasons for termination. He trying to keep me from getting my bennifits by lying. Down right lying. I did end up proving he was not telling the truth and was awarded my unemployment benifits. But still isnt there something i can do legally? and im having a hard time finding a new job. I would hate to think if a prospective employer calls his office, he is telling them lies. WHAT CAN I DO?  
Employee: tired
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