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This is the original problem from an employee...
After working for this company for 13 years, and helping the company through the tough years, now because of the owner mismanagement the company is going towards bankruptcy, the owner wants to cut off even his employee who were loyale and still productive. The owner told every employee that they have to take a pay cut and do all sorts of jobs to keep the company going. I understood that! but I also heard that he has no use for me, and I might have to clean wash-rooms and repair walls e.t.c.being tour operator for 13 years.

I discussed it with the owner and he is looking of getting rid of me without paying the severance pay. He mentioned that he is going to give me a 3 months notice. The account-er is a good man but the owner won't listen to him.
I'm under such a depression and stress that I was crying like a child and now I have chest pain and I feel like my heart moved into my abdomen.

I Went to see my doctor and he gave my a work leave for 4 week. I'm still at work after 3 days and I'm waiting to see the company 's next move. I haven't received anything in writing yet.

I know that there is no place for me in this company but I don't want the company to treat me like a disposable rag. I feel that I deserve my severance pay after 13 years of hard work giving my heart and soul to this company.
Please help me with some advise.
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I think you can sue him if you don't get your severance, but if they are bankrupt, then there is nothing to sue. At least you have 3 months warning before you have to get another job. Take that time to find something else.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
You know something I really hear you and its not acceptable what your going through but isn't life just full of circumstances that we need to stay strong and believe that it will pass and yes it will and no one can help you the way you can help yourself.Just never lose believe in yourself and it will all pass...
Contributor: visitor
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