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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Falsifying Documents and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
When I went into work today I was called in the office and asked by my store manager and manager I was asked if I was talked to about my attendance and I said yes. Then I was asked what was the last repercussion of that and I said I was put on my final. Then I was asked what did that mean and I said not to be late. Then I was asked how many times I was late and I said twice and I was asked to name those two times, I named one cause I did remember that on cause I was stuck in traffic and the other one was I couldn't fully recall all details. Then my manager let me know it was saturday and they caught me on camera walking in at 9:38 am when I was to be in at 9:30am , so right when she said that I knew right away what she was getting. She then asked me what time I edited my time sheet and I said I am not sure it could have been 9:33,9:34, or 9:35 not really sure. Then she I didn't put the right time and that it was falsifying documents . Then she asked me why I did it and I said cause I didn't want to get in trouble for my tardy I guess. At that point I just told them the answers they were looking for and knew that anything I said wouldn't get me anywhere, so I keep my thoughts to my self.

I did let them know of my concerns , like if I was going to be terminated and they let me know that I must write a written statement of the conversation that we just had and that they would summit it to a third party hr. So I wrote at statement pretty close to this. I did add in there that I wasn't sure but usually in opening shifts we wait at the door for an manager to let us in and then have to go back in and adjust our time and that I wasn't even sure if I adjusted it right away. I also stated that I wasn't even aware of the status of my final due the fact that right when I received my final which was two in a half weeks ago from today, I was questioning the actions of my supervisor.

I felt like when I received the final I felt targeted by my supervisor cause he was making advances towards me. To fill you in on that situation throughout the six months of employment at this retailers I was consistently mistreated and reprimanded by my supervisor. I also had my supervisor try to write me up once before and I looked up employee policy and found out that he was wrong, so he through the write up away. I never bluntly voiced how I felt how ever I did tried in a low manner but never received any type of support from my management team. So I just ignored the way he was treating me cause I did see others get mistreated by him , so I just let that go. Back in the month of august I was at a group outing with other employees and he was there. We were drinking and he was actually alright out side of work , so throughout the night he was hugging me and trying to get me alone. Well we ended up going in to another part of the bar and he tried to kiss me and I didn't want to make a seen so I made it so we could get be back to the group. After that I received text and phone calls from him. This supervisor is really confrontational and extremely sensitive so I tried really hard to mediate the situation by responding to his texts and call. He is a real emotionally disturbed person I had long conversations of his childhood and issues with work. I knew if I ignored his calls or texts he would make a big deal out of it but at work he was still mistreating me. He always was confronting me telling I wasn't doing my job and then wouldn't communicate any important information to . I tried numerous times to confront him on his behavior as well as get other managers involved but there was just no support there. So I guess I got a verbal warning from him for attendance sometime in the beginning of september, but throughout that conversation there was no indication that it was a verbal warning. So when I got the write up I was really confused and that time another manager was in the room so I felt comfortable to voice how I felt and to put it out on the table that I don't like that way I had been treated. But now that I am looking back on it I guess I wasn't being aggressive enough. So right before I received my final I got a text om my supervisor late at night ,I was so fed up with it all I just turned him down and he got a little aggressive through the text.

So when I received my final I questioned the intentions behind it, I truly felt like it was retaliation for ignoring his calls and texts. Well my store manager made it really big deal cause he was under investigation for harassing other women I work with so I had to write a statement and summit it to hr. The statement is very close to what I am writing right now. Well the day I had the meeting and wrote the statement was the day my supervisor got suspended from. I was so scared that I was going to be retaliated against cause it wasn't discrete at all. What I mean by not discrete is I think he saw my statement cause I was trying to print it out on the sales floor.

So I have been a little distraught for the last two weeks over the situation. So a few days after my supervisor got suspended I spoke to a hr representative about the situation she just questioned me on my statement and I let her know that I was scared of being retaliated against. The only thing she had told me was as for my final that she need to get with the other manager and investigate the situation. As for the situation with my supervisor I was asked to summit any evidence like the texts and phone records , the hr representative also let me know that it is too early to determine anything and that when I email her the phone records things will be taken care of a lot faster. Well was never able to get the phone records to the hr representative , not because I couldn't but for the fact that my supervisor was terminated and I just heard that two days ago. I heard that from my store manager , that was the only thing I heard from her, and as for the hr representative I called her 4-5 days after I spoke to her to let her know that I was still trying to get the phone records.

So for the last several weeks everything has been left up in the air and I have been so stressed. I makes me really mad cause I would never and have never had the intentions of falsifying my time sheet. I take full responsibility for my actions and for the times I have been tardy. I just don't feel like I am being treated fairly , all of the tardy in my file throughout that last 6 months are not legit. I started with the company in may at a new store so I never really edited my time. A example of this was back in the beginning of august I was injured at work, where I had sliced my finger open and I to go to numerous doctor appointments. I had another manager edit my time and now that I am thinking back on it I am not even sure I got paid correctly. So I wasn't fully aware of the editing process until I received my written warning where I brought these concerns up to my manager and she let me know that I need to edit my time if I am waiting at the door or if I had attended doctors appointments . I also brought up to her attention that what if I am not sure of the time, she said just to your best to put the right time. That was exactly what I was doing that day. I really enjoy my job and I would never want to jeopardize position with the company.

I go above and beyond for what my job description. I really don't trust the system , it just makes me think that someone is trying to get me fired, I really don't know what to think , maybe the company finds me a liability. I know that this situation is completely unfair and I know that it there is something more there . I know that they are not practising fair policies cause I know for a fact that there numerous employees that have adjusted there time . I have witnessed numerous employees adjust there time when coming in late as well a taking extra long lunches. I can't be one of the millions out there unemployed , I will be homeless . Please I writing this cause I really need help , I have to have a job. If you can please email me asap and I really appreciate you taking the time to this.  
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Contact the Human Rights, that what this is for to help you. Good luck
Contributor: visitor
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