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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Falsifying Documents and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work in a Call Center as Customer Service and Billing Admin. for a Company that manufacture medical and industrial gases..

One of our customers had called and placed an order for Nine medical oxygen tanks on a PO (Purchase Order Number)..

The driver read the order incorrectly and delivered Five oxygen tanks to the customer..

Anytime if there's an issue with a customer delivery or if the driver is unable to deliver a customers order, the driver is required to call the Customer Service Dept. to report it..

Once the driver calls, the Customer Service Billing Admin. will call the customer to report it and get approval from the customer that ordered the product to go ahead and reschedule delivery..

In this particular case, again the driver incorrectly read the order.. While at the customer site, the driver informed the customer of what happen, that he incorrectly read the order and delivered Five oxygen tanks instead of Nine..

The driver called the Customer Service Dept. report it and I happen to be the one that answered the call... Driver called the Customer Service Dept. while still with the customer..

Driver asked the customer if it was ok for him to place a new order under the same Purchase Order Number to deliver the Four oxygen tanks, Balance of the order remaining..

The customer informed the driver, yes that will be OK to go ahead and order them under the same Purchase Order Number..

The driver documented the original order that the balance of the Four was ordered on a New Document and wrote the new document number on the original paper work so that if questions arises all the paper work was cross referenced and tie back to each other..

With the customers approval to the driver that this was ok to do this... With driver on the phone talking to me at the customers site, I entered a new order for the Balance of the Four oxygen tanks for the customer...

The Customer Service Rep. that handles that particular area, received the paper work and made a big fuss out it.. Stating that the driver should have delivered all of the customers product.. She over dramatized the entire thing and just blew it up out of control, saying he should have reported this as a short in a spread sheet...

So this Customer Service Rep., she went to management complaining that this particular driver screwed up and that he did not do his job..

If this Customer Service Rep. would have read the notes that was placed in the comment box on the original order in the system she would have noticed that the driver did call in, as he was required to do and that he did speak with the Customer who approved that it was OK...

At no time did I have an Original Document in my procession.. Nor did write or change anything on a hard copy of the delivery document, because the driver still had it with him at the customers location...

End result is today Tuesday 6-09-10, I was called in to the Medical Account Mgr's along with my Manager and was informed that I was " Written Up - for Falsifying a Document and Not Following Procedure "...

I feel I am being Discriminated against, Railroaded and Falsely Accused of falsifying a Document "

I would like " Advise as to the next step to take in regards to this matter "...

Thank you for your advise

Employee: anonymous
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